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Upgrading the book’s format necessary, as a conclusion of new research

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A new research study based on University of Michigan survey project “Monitoring the Future” that has run since 1975 shows that only 16% of US teenagers read books outside school education, while in the 1970s the number was 60%. TV and cinema show a similar decrease in attention from teenagers. At the same time as social media for many has become an addiction with potential great negative psychological consequences. The average using social media was six hours per day in 2016 among the teenagers, in 2012 it was four hours. Jean Twenge, a San Diego State University psychology professor and one of the authors of the study, comments in the following way according to the Sydney Morning Herald: “Reading long-form texts like books and magazine articles is really important for understanding complex ideas and for developing critical thinking skills.”  Our solution to this problem is interaQtive books that to a large extent connects the well-known web/apps environment for the teenagers with the books benefits mentioned above by the professor. Interactivity is the road to make teenagers to come back to the book format again. Source: RT.com    

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