Transforming the organisation from box-centric to human-centric

Transforming the organisation from box-centric to human-centric

Transforming The Organisation From Box-Centric To Human-Centric Learning Organisation and Design Thinking are two terms that are drivers of the Culture of Modern Organisations. This is a personalised and at the same time collaborative environment that boosts creativity and performance in general.  The competence that is required to be successful in such an environment is intuition and craftsmanship. Since the box that characterised the former century now is replaced with increasing complexity and openness. This means transforming the organisation from box-centric to human-centric approach. The open-source movement works as a great role model for such an organisation. As it in its foundation includes collaboration and learning by doing approach to create something extraordinary.

A Culture of Learning

ATD Research has identified three learning-culture-supportive strategies to build a developing learning organisation:

  1. Every employee should have a regularly updated personalized learning and development plan.
  2. There should be employee accountability for the learning that is specified in the individual development plan.
  3. Companies should give nonfinancial rewards and other types of recognition or awards to further encourage employee learning.

The environment should boost intellectual curiosity, embrace failure and rapidly be able to manage change. Coaching and fast feedback, as well as tolerance, is also important as oil to the performance. When it comes to tolerance the story of when Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux, received a review of his system in the 90s from Professor Andrew Tannenbaum, the Professor said:

“You should be glad that you are not one of my students. You had not got any good grade for your system.”

But it worked out pretty well, didn’t it?

Open Source Mentality

The open-source mentality is gradually erasing the borders between the organisation’s external and internal influences. Thinking outside the box is no longer required since there is no box. Instead of box-centric, this approach is human-centric where work-descriptions is replaced with problem-solving and creativity. This demands craftsmanship from everybody in the workforce and a mindset of design thinking and learning.

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