Training 4.0 with Augmented Reality features

Training 4.0 with Augmented Reality features

Training 4.0 With Augmented Reality FeaturesAs the government that first introduced Industry 4.0, the German government now is putting Training 4.0 into practice. The focus is to support the use of virtual reality- and augmented reality technologies to improve the visualisation and the learning by doing environment for vocational training and to boost understanding. Thomas Rachel, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research comments in the following way:

“Training 4.0 opens up new opportunities in the working environments of the future. We want to use, for well-trained professionals and strong training in Germany.”

Training 4.0 with Augmented Reality features and more

In this spirit, the Year of Science 2018 was dedicated to the theme of working environments of the future. As a starting point to develop alternative labour models based on digital technologies. This includes developing artificial intelligence for research as the civil society facing new opportunities and challenges. Some of the questions the project is focusing on are: How will people work in the future? How do they get fit for it? And the role of science and research in shaping up this new world of work? From this form of questions the government inviting all citizens to participate in the making of the best possible solutions for the future.

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