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The first-ever Festival of Learning took place at MIT February 1-2 where the focus was set on to discuss and share recent advances in education technology. Professor Emmanuel Sachs demonstrated the use of a process he calls “guided discovery”. It is a method where students observe physical laws by manipulating simple physical objects, rubber bars, and beams that have been created specifically as teaching tools. “I want them to feel as if they are the first human beings to create this piece of human knowledge.” Professor Sachs explains. MIT’s learning about today’s and future learning event also included an overnight hackathon event as a bridge between the two festival days that was directed on group problem solving of real edtech problems. Anindya Roy, from MIT Office of Digital Learning (ODL) explained the vision: “In the long term, we would like to form a community of stakeholders from within and outside MIT who are interested in [these] problems. The hackathon was a step in that direction.” 200 students participated in the festival along with professors and staff from different faculties at MIT. Source: MIT News