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A new World Bank report on education focus on fours main themes 1) make the education’s promise a reality; 2) the need to shine a light on learning and its potential; 3) how to make schools work for all learners; and 4) how to make systems work for learning. In the report the origins of the problem are described in the following way: “Students everywhere must learn how to interpret many types of written passages—from medication labels to job offers, from bank statements to great literature. They have to understand how numbers work so that they can buy and sell in markets, set family budgets, interpret loan agreements, or write engineering software. They require the higher-order reasoning and creativity that builds on these foundational skills. And they need the socioemotional skills—such as perseverance and the ability to work on teams—that help them acquire and apply the foundational and other skills. Many countries are not yet achieving these goals.” Four general reasons for this are identified in the report that all origins from system deficits. The first is that children enter the school unprepared, secondly, where they too often are taught by unskilled or/and unmotivated teachers, where the last, thirdly, depends on that they too much have to work with tasks that not affect teaching and learning, that fourthly, depends on educational system and school management deficits. Interested in more information download the report here. >>> Source: World Bank Development Report 2018