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The story of the making of the 6iModel based on da Vinci’s Design Thinking Codes

Learning Design in Practice for Everybody > Part5 > New section November 17 2018

Building learning experiences have never been more complex and interesting as the digitalization of education is gaining speed. The video below describes the design process of the 6iModel, that is a model developed for learning design projects but works equally good for all forms of human-centric projects where purpose, creativity and problem solving are the driving forces that breed success. Not like traditional project management models that use step-by-step-approaches and in the end tend to be rather bureaucratic. The 6iModel that is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s work and writings also form the foundation of the book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” written by the founder of eLearningworld, LarsGoran Bostrom. Below he describes the making of the book and the 6iModel.  


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