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After 30-year of research, John Lisman, Zalman Abraham Kekst Chair in Neuroscience and Professor of Biology, Brandeis University, has discovered the molecule that stores long-term memories. The research study presented  in the online edition of Neuron is seen as a major breakthrough as it solves one of the oldest mysteries of neuroscience on how the brain creates and retain memories. And as it opens up several new interesting direction for further research. “Just like it’s unimaginable that we could understand cells if we didn’t understand DNA, it’s unimaginable that you can understand memory if you don’t know what molecule stores it,” Professor Lisman explains. The molecule that stores the memories is called CaMKII; “The amazing thing about CaMKII is that once you turn it on, it stays on more or less forever.” Professor Lisman said, and it opens up the possibility that one day be able to “edit” our memories. Source: BrandeisNow