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Research on learning motivation until now has been rather general, according to Dr Julia Dietrich of Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (FSU). In a new research project in collaboration with Jaana Viljaranta (University of Eastern Finland), Julia Moeller (Yale University) and Bärbel Kracke (FSU) the team is bringing the first building block to solve this deficit. The focus has been directed on individual’s motivation in a specific, time-limited situation, such as during a lecture or lesson at school. The research shows that during a 90 minutes lecture motivation fluctuated much more strongly than had previously been assumed. Every participant experienced phases of high motivation and of strong demotivation. These moments where completely independently of the other students in relation to the timing of those phases. The conclusion of the study is that “The causes for the fluctuations need to be considered more carefully in future, in order to make learning contexts as a whole more motivating.” And that every learning situation and moment counts. Source: Friedrich Schiller University in Jena