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MIT develops new ways to support startup-companies directed on virtual reality and augmented reality. In January this year, the MIT Game Lab in collaboration with Bayview Labs and the Seraph Group, announced the launch of Play Labs. The first 13 startups was selected in June where they received $20 000 as an initial investment. Now the “graduation” event to show their accomplishments have taken place with a wide range of VR- and AR applications and functions. The prototypes included everything from virtual pets, strategy games to advanced corporate and fitness training applications. While others that is directed towards Augmented Reality presented functions to e.g. eSport. The visitors at the event included MIT staff, investors and the general public, and everybody had the opportunity to try out the prototypes after the presentation. After this “graduation” the startups are eligible for $80 000 in additional funding from the accelerator and its partners. Source: MIT News