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Artificial Intelligence often in movies represents the evil force in the story. In this spirit researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab has developed Shelley AI that writes its own scary stories and continues stories that already have been started. The Shelley AI is named after one of the most famous author’s of horror stories, Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley, that wrote “Frankenstein” that was first published 1818. Shelley AI is producing one scary story every hour, which besides the horror of the story, it also gives a terrifying insight of the production of a mechanical mind, for the reader. Shelley AI’s skills is based on training on scary stories that was collected from Reddit users and the finished stories are published on the Twitter-account https://twitter.com/shelley_ai. It is also possible to get involved to start writing a horror story and then tweet #yourturn, and Shelley AI or someone else will continue the story. If you then want to end the story the hashtag is #theend. Source: World Economic Forum