The most workable driving force for learning

The most workable driving force for learning

The Most Workable Driving-Force For LearningTy Hollett, assistant professor of learning, design and technology in Penn State’s College of Education recorded youth action-sports participants. To get a better understanding of how they learn and the driving force for learning. The total material includes 200 hours of video-recordings from a skateboard-camp.

Driving-force for learning

The results of the research show an environment structured as a “learning lab”, where the driving-forces are based on interest and informal learning. In the “lab” training the skills, documenting by filming and then analyzing the moves on the skateboard, and identify why failures appeared was the basic learning method. Hollett concludes at

“When we look at schools, broadly, they’ve looked the same for the past 100 years or so. As a researcher in the learning sciences, I’m looking for new and innovative ways to help reframe what learning looks like and redesign some of those settings, whether it is in school or out of school.”

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