Latest News: Federal Ministry for Education and Research launch Cybercurity Research Programme

eLearningworld News from Germany The new research framework program on IT-security that was decided in the German Bundestag yesterday focuses on four areas: New Technologies, Secure and trusted information and communication systems, application fields of IT security and privacy and data protection. This should be seen in the light of the economic damage caused by IT attacks are valued worldwide in 2013 to €542 billion. Almost one in three companies in Germany was attacked in… Continue reading

Latest News: Security Issues in Online Education for Pupils

eLearningworld News from World New York Times reports that many educational websites have security problems, which can allow unauthorized people to steal data like pupils names, files and skill level etc. There is cases where passwords was found unencrypted and some were even available in plain text. However, so far none of the security issues found of the 20 websites and apps that was analysed appears to have been exploited by hackers. But since such… Continue reading