Latest News: New Research shows promising labour market for Millennials

eLearningworld News from the US Young adult unemployment is a big problem all over the world. In the US in July this year Millennials (18-34 years old) unemployment rate was 40% higher than the average unemployment rate (7.5% versus 5.3%). With this background the non-profit organisation Young Invincibles has analysed 400 occupations with good future prospects of professional growth. Hospitality and retail jobs was excluded because of general lack of good future prospects, while other… Continue reading

Latest News: 20% adults lack ICT skills, this group is 20% more likely to be unemployed

eLearningworld News from the World The OECD report ‘Adults, Computers and Problem Solving – What’s the Problem? on digital skills of adults that was presented June 23, 2015 reveals the importance of computer skills in modern work life. It also finds a direct correlation between peoples reading skills and ICT skills, meaning that the better people can read, the better their result on ICT-skills-test. The report shows that even adults with the lowest level of… Continue reading