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Latest News: OECD EduTrend Report 2016: New set of skills required for future labour market

eLearningworld News from OECD The project leader of “The Trends Shaping Education”-report from OECD, Tracy Burns, says the following about which skills that is necessary on todays and the future labour market in an interview with Huffington Post: “These include 21st century skills such as global languages, advanced digital skills, and social and emotional intelligence.” Further the report examines major trends that could affect the future of education and sets the background on upcoming challenges… Continue reading

Latest News: MOOC Trends 2015 – Doubled amount of MOOC students worldwide

eLearningworld News from the World According to ICEF Monitor 35 million people enrolled in MOOCs during 2015 in approximately 4200 courses offered by 500 universities. This means that the amount of learners doubled last year in comparison with the year before. The MOOC-providing companies were also more focused on revenue than the years before, which means that more courses offered academic credits as well as full degrees etc. Coursera and edX are still the largest… Continue reading

Digitalization of School – trends and progress: Introduction

The EU-Commission’s forecast for the digital development in European schools for the following five years has been published. This is very interesting reading for everybody that are interested in pedagogy and effective learning. Since the Horizon Report Europe, 2014 Schools Edition is showing a well composed general image of the development. Although eLearningworld has written about the main part of trends and transformations in the report, we will in the series of articles deepen the… Continue reading