Latest News: Design Thinking and Virtual Reality in Higher Education

eLearningworld News from US The timing is right for progress of human-centered design in higher education, says Professor Kate Canales in an interview with “Design is poised to make a huge impact in higher ed.” she continues. Design thinking for higher ed both works as a tool for students’ learning as well as a disruptive force since higher ed is growing out of its traditional business model. One example of the former is University… Continue reading

Latest News: Education 2032: Next step to translate visions into a concrete updated curriculum

eLearningworld News from the Netherlands January 23, 2016 the Dutch Government presented the outcome of the first step of the ambitious project Education 2032 where the visions were outlined.  State Secretary of Education Sander Dekker stating that, “the further elaboration of the ideas will rely on the enthusiasm, commitment and expertise of teachers and schools”. For this purpose Education Platform 2032 was launched almost a year ago in the government inclusive approach to the transformation.… Continue reading