Virtual job coach that detects real-time social and emotional signals

eLearningworld News Let’s recapture a scenario that most people will enter, the job interview, including the tension and fears of making mistakes, giving the wrong impression. Of course, you can have training sessions with human job coaches, but they still will be during a limited time, and the outcome to a large extent will depend on your mood at that particular moment. To improve this form training the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has… Continue reading

How skills develop with online video gaming

eLearningworld News Learning by doing is the foundation of skills development, but what kind of practice works best? Jeff Huang, a computer science professor at Brown University and his research team used data from online video games, not only to study what kinds of practice that makes people acquire skills, but also how the performance could be optimized into other fields. Professor Huang comments the results of the research in the following way: “What this… Continue reading

Modern knowledge management in practice

Knowledge is power! However, today this is a truth with modification since knowledge becomes outdated much faster than before. Consequently, you will gain less if you save the knowledge in your own hideouts. The challenge for companies and the public sector but also schools is to manage to translate individual knowledge into organizational awareness and then to manage the knowledge-base with constant updates with focus on usability and pedagogy. Information management or knowledge management Traditionally,… Continue reading

Latest News: CNN getting into the Business English Training Market

eLearningworld News from the World CNN is now launching a new language service to train Business English. The basic concept is Watch, Learn, Speak, where the learner watch CNN videos with subtitles in their native language and then train by solving different interactive tasks like pronunciation-, vocabulary and other forms of exercises including tests. The platform also includes an online dictionary for everyday work. With CNN’s news-videos this is an authentic business english with four… Continue reading