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Frugal Innovation to improve learning part 2

True innovation comes out of scarcity. From scarcity also comes simplicity, which only can be produced by human creativity often without need of other huge resources. As a matter of fact enormous resources sometimes can be an obstacle to true innovation since its basic driving-force is as mentioned above the opposite: Scarcity. In a school environment limited resources is very common below we find out how to innovate from these prerequisites. Learning solutions out of… Continue reading

How to fight ignorance about the world

People do worse than chimps on a simple multiple-choice-test On three simple questions about the global development all groups of people tested did worse than chimps. In the very interesting TedTalk below Professor Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling discuss the role of media and the role of outdated education as well as personal bias as causes of ignorance and how to fight it. [ted id=2090] Continue reading