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The Return of the Higher Education Republic

During the Renaissance scholars and students were wandering between the growing amount of universities searching for the knowledge and engaging environments of their own choice. As the centuries went by this goal was abandoned in favour of the nations’ demands. Especially from the 19th Century and onwards the main goal was to build a powerful nation-state. In this spirit, the equation of education during the past two centuries has been that the nation has acknowledged… Continue reading

20 European Universities by 2024 and introducing a European Student Card

eLearningworld News At the European Council meeting 14 December higher education was one of the most prioritised areas on the agenda. Besides declaring the efforts to boost mobility and student exchange with the Erasmus+ programme, a European Student Card was introduced with purpose to develop student participation in cultural activities across Europe. Another agreement at the meeting was the intention of creating 20 European Universities in order to further simplify the process of combining studies… Continue reading