How smartphones can improve social science

Ten years ago, a new dimension of design thinking was launched. It was when Steve Jobs introduced its coming revolution on the mobile phone market. The iPhone did not only offer a new design and integration of new functionality. But it also worked to redesign human behaviour. Tania Lombrozo is a psychology professor at the University of California, writes about smartphone technology to revolutionize behavioural science: “That’s because, for the first time in human history,… Continue reading

Latest News: Roadmap for Research to boost “Made in Germany”

eLearningworld News from Germany The German Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka has announced the launch of the national Roadmap process for research infrastructures. The aim of the process is to prepare research policy decisions on long-term investments in research in Germany. As part of this process the German scientific community is given the opportunity to contribute with their ideas to new complex research infrastructures with investment costs of at least 50 million euros. 20 million… Continue reading