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5G connects a Landscape of Opportunities

5G connects a Landscape of Opportunities

5G connects a Landscape of Opportunities The fifth generation of mobile communications now is rolling out in some parts of the world like the US and eastern Asia. It brings with it smarter cities, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality applications and much more. At the same time as it will transform almost every industry available today. Furthermore, it forms the growing ground to new business sectors and business models. As the consumer increasingly will be even… Continue reading

Latest News: Collaboration to build the 5G-network and services

Latest News: UK Government launching Digital Marketplace for public schools

eLearningworld News from Europe Ericsson is announcing new collaborations with King’s College London and Technische Universität Dresden to develop 5G-network with services  in UK and Germany. The partnerships include: 1. Sponsorship of key research programs will realize the potential global impact of 5G on industry and society 2. Joint research and development for innovative machine-type communication 3. Smart Sustainable Cities applications. The commercial rollout of 5G is expected to begin in 2020. Source: Press Release… Continue reading