Latest News: New Method to test Medical Students real world competence

eLearningworld News from Canada Queen’s University professor Adam Szulewski, has developed a new assessment method for medical students that is based on more realworld results than traditional testing. The students are using eye-tracking glasses, while they are faced with tasks that requires immediate decisions. Professor Szulewski explains that this:  “…increases their cognitive load and puts a strain on working memory. We have shown that we can now measure cognitive load in an unobtrusive way during… Continue reading

Basics about the art of creating interactive courses part 1

The term ”learning by doing” is often used to summarise the pedagogic ideas of the philosopher John Dewey (1859-1952). However, Dewey never used the term in his own pedagogic writings, but it describes well his vision for learning. He claimed that people not only gain new knowledge by passively receive information, but they learn to an even larger extent when they actively explore the world. Learning by doing with the disability movement Learning by doing… Continue reading

Interactive Learning with Animation and Role Play

Research from Uppsala University shows the way Professor Jarmo Rantakokko at Uppsala University examines more methods for interactive learning with focus on interactive animations and role play. One of these pedagogical methods is learning from different scenarios in order for the student to participate in a process virtually. This focusing on to get an understanding of dynamics and how different factors affects a given process and gives the student possibilities to affect the process and… Continue reading