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Digital Society Education – €13.7 million to LifeLong Learning

“Lære heile livet” (Learning the whole life) is a new competence reform that is now being proposed by the Norwegian government. The funding of €13.7 million is directed towards developing a more flexible educational market for lifelong learning. The focus is set on digital competence, programmes for different business fields where a lot of new competence is required and module-based learning. Where this, in the next step will be one of the engines to transform the… Continue reading

Latest News: German Government launch innovation driver of digitalisation

eLearningworld News from Germany “Microelectronics from Germany – innovation driver of digitalisation” is a new framework program with focus on the development of technologies within the field of microelectronics in the general progress of Industry 4.0.  This means areas such as sensor technology, power transmission, construction- and connection technology or system integration. The government acknowledges that many German SMEs are market leaders within these fields and the new initiative will help them boost their research… Continue reading