Advanced Environmental studies in School – A Digital Lab makes it possible

eLearningworld News from Gothenburg New research from the University of Gothenburg shows the benefits of using digital technology in environmental class. Since it makes it possible to perform complex analysis and observations that show great prospects to boost understanding as well as teaching quality. The researcher Emma Edstrand has looked at two digital tools, one virtual lab that analysis ocean acidification and one carbon dioxide calculator. In the virtual lab, the pupils can experiment how different… Continue reading

Latest News: Future Cities goes to School

eLearningworld News from the World By 2050, over 80 percent of Europeans are projected to live in towns or cities and the trend of people that is moving to the cities is similar all over the world. But what will the future cities look like? Cara Morton, professor at Washington State University has bypassed this question to middle school students by hosting a competition to design the future city. This is a task to put… Continue reading