Latest News: Bringing up the Heat on National Digital Strategy for Schools

eLearningworld News from Sweden The opposition parties in the Swedish Parliament yesterday proposed a new national digital strategy for schools. The proposal is supported by the Teacher Union, the chairman Bo Jansson, explains: “We are lagging behind in Sweden. It is urgent that we get a broad political agreement around this so we can get concrete results.” As a part of this strategy the Teacher Union also demands continual teacher training in order to make… Continue reading

Latest News: Competition on innovative practical use of Digital Media in School

eLearningworld News from Germany Twelve schools are winners of the competition “Learning with digital media” that was organised by the Ministry of Education in Schleswig-Holstein. The price was totally €200 000 to share among the winners that now also are termed model schools. Totally 111 schools on all levels participated in the competition.  “It has been shown that we have many schools where the practical use of digital media in the classroom is very active,”… Continue reading

Latest News: Is the digital school the end of school independence?

eLearningworld News from Germany The theme of the Study’s Fair Didacta in Hannover, February 25, is directed on the corporate impact on schools in the age of school digitalisation. The focus is set on where the line should be drawn between meaningful collaboration and inappropriate commercialization and what the state can do to protect the independence of schools. Participants in the dialogue at the conference will be Frank Bolten from Samsung, Ilka Hoffmann, member of… Continue reading

Latest News: Billions spent on School Digitalization still lack of teacher-training

eLearningworld News from Denmark Denmark is one of the countries that have invested most in School Digitalization with focus on IT-infrastructure and tools. But training to actually use the new possibilities in teaching and education are still lagging behind according to new research from Aarhus University. Too often the use of the IT-tools does not go any further than how teachers and students use the computer privately. Source: Politiken Continue reading

Digitalization of school Part 2 – Transformation of the Teacher’s role

According to Horizon Report Europe 2014, Schools Edition, the digitalization of the European schools will speed up. Many strong indications that in several cases can be interpreted as evidence do exist. The report’s foundation is based on six trends that during the following five years will lead the school into the digital age. In this spirit eLearningworld decided to write this new series of articles in order to integrate these trends in a school environment… Continue reading

Work in Progress! The Dawn of eLearningworld 2.0 Part 1

The development of eLearningworld 2.0 has been for several months in the shadow land of planning. Now it is beginning to reach the lights of dawn. So we decided to tell the story from the shaded start. Introducing the dawn of eLearningworld 2.0 In January 2013 eLearningworld was launched with an English edition ( and a Swedish edition on ( The main focus was to publish inspiring articles about learning and education with a special… Continue reading