Latest News: Cambridge University launches new Centre for Artificial Intelligence

eLearningworld News from UK What in the 20th Century was science fiction today is the developing reality of artificial intelligence. In this light the Cambridge University now is taking a big leap into this field. Huw Price, Cambridge’s Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy, will lead the new Research Centre for AI and it will receive €14 million in grants from Leverhulme Trust. Cambridge’s Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities supports the… Continue reading

Latest News: Warsaw University building new Centre for Digital Humanities and Data Analysis

eLearningworld News from Poland The Polish Government will provide financial support for Warsaw University to build new interdisciplinary research centres with focus on digital humanities, advanced methods of data analysis, economic sciences and psychology.The investment of totally more than €230 million (more than 1 billion Polish Zloty) during the coming ten years supposes to modernise research within these fields. In addition, the funding also will be used for projects that support innovation and entrepreneurship as… Continue reading