Latest News: Harvard explores the fourth dimension: 4D-printing the next step

eLearningworld News from US 3D-printing is in an innovative stage where research institutions and companies are making fast and interesting progress to use the technology within many different fields. However, Harvard is already running successful research and development projects with 4D-printing where the fourth dimension is time. This means that researchers are creating materials that changes shape in response to environmental stimuli. The inspiration comes from how natural structures like plants respond and changes form.… Continue reading

Latest News: €400 million to R&D for ICT and sustainable industry

eLearningworld News from Italy Italy’s  Ministry of Economic Development will offer fundings to companies that invest in big research and development projects within the categories ICT-digital agenda and sustainable industry. When it comes to ICT the project that receive funding will comprehend with the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020.Totally €400 million is available from the Italian government. Source: Research Italy Continue reading