Latest News: The App “Recognition in Germany” – A shortcut to work

eLearningworld News from Germany A new app from the German government is being launched for refugees to faster get recognition of their professional qualifications from their home-countries. Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka comments: “After the first housing and care of the refugees, attention is now more on their education and professional development.” The app “Recognition in Germany” works with Android, iOS and Windows devices and is available in the five main languages of origin of… Continue reading

Latest News: App to help refugees’ integration

eLearningworld News from Sweden In December a new app is being launched with purpose to be a social platform where Swedish citizen’s can help refugees in their daily life. The key to the app “Welcome” is the infomal social contact where the refugees can ask questions on everyday issues like where the nearest pharmacy is or how the school system works etc. There is also a function to invite refugees to different social activities. One… Continue reading