Latest News: Romania partner with Watson to build Cognitive Computing Hub

eLearningworld News from Romania The Government of Romania has identified cognitive computing as one of the fields to boost future growth. In this spirit the government has signed a letter of intent with IBM to jointly build European and National Romanian Innovation Cognitive Hub (ENRICH). The Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Society sees IBM with its Watson-platform as a natural first partner in developing a cluster for cognitive computing in the country. This should… Continue reading

Latest News: “Utrecht is gaming” – EU Ambassadors explore useful VR-Applications

eLearningworld News from the Netherlands The visit to Utrecht University as a part of the Dutch Presidency developed into a virtual reality-experience for the EU-Ambassadors. Ambassador Wepke Kingma describes the experience in the following way: “It’s an eye-opener to see the creative and innovative applications that are being developed to make the lives of people in Europe healthier and more comfortable.” Utrecht Center for Game Research’s high level of innovation basically comes from its interdisciplinary… Continue reading