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69% IT-professionals says online learning more effective than offline education

eLearningworld News In a survey targeting  IT-professionals in India about how they want to learn the main results shows that a large majority prefer online learning instead of offline education. Only 8% believed instructor-led classes to be effective learning, while they preferred freedom in learning instead of directed. The learning styles the 568 IT-professionals that participated in the survey preferred was Just-in-time learning, it should be byte-sized with different forms of repetition. The most interesting… Continue reading

Edtech to transform Professional Training: Police enters Virtual Reality for Neuroscience research

Alabama University improving police training with neuroscience and virtual reality with the focus on stressful “Shoot, and Don’t shoot!”-situations. By measuring brain waves during training in a virtual reality environment the researchers improving the education to make the police officer make the right decision as well as train on which verbal commands and communication that works to de-escalate the threatening situation. The VR-simulator from which the data is collected is used on a daily basis… Continue reading

Latest News: The App “Recognition in Germany” – A shortcut to work

eLearningworld News from Germany A new app from the German government is being launched for refugees to faster get recognition of their professional qualifications from their home-countries. Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka comments: “After the first housing and care of the refugees, attention is now more on their education and professional development.” The app “Recognition in Germany” works with Android, iOS and Windows devices and is available in the five main languages of origin of… Continue reading

SME 4.0 Competence Centres – On the road to Industry 4.0

eLearningworld Weekly Review The progress of Industry 4.0 depends on the development of individual technologies, a report funded by the German government shows. The report also confirms that small and medium-sized businesses are a crucial power-source for innovation within Industry 4.0. However, SMEs do not have the resources in comparison to big businesses to collect, refine and process information. As Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said at World Economic Forum in Davos 2016: “Data is… Continue reading

Latest News: CNN getting into the Business English Training Market

eLearningworld News from the World CNN is now launching a new language service to train Business English. The basic concept is Watch, Learn, Speak, where the learner watch CNN videos with subtitles in their native language and then train by solving different interactive tasks like pronunciation-, vocabulary and other forms of exercises including tests. The platform also includes an online dictionary for everyday work. With CNN’s news-videos this is an authentic business english with four… Continue reading

Latest News: First EdTech Academy opens in Athens and Patras

eLearningworld News from Greece In February 2016 the first EdTech Academy will open in Greece. The purpose of the Academy will be to present, inform and train around the developments in relation Education and Technology. This will include wide range of fields of scientific and professional activity. Patras Know How Educational Services is a company that design and produce digital educational products is the initiator of the new Academy. Source: TheBest.gr Continue reading