Latest News: Poland role model for Education in Europe, according to World Bank Report

eLearningworld News from Europe Europe’s population is aging where many countries has declining populations in combination with declining educational results this could have very bad consequences for future prosperity. The solution according to the World Bank Report “What’s next in aging Europe: Aging with growth in Central Europe and the Baltics” is to invest in people. Poland’s educational policy forms a role model and solution to the problem of significant numbers of young people today… Continue reading

Latest News: Poland goes to European Court of Justice over VAT on eBooks

eLearningworld News from Poland Polish judges from the Constitutional Tribunal claims that the rule of “tax neutrality” that rejects different taxes on the same product may be applicable on the different VAT-levels of printed books (5%) and ebooks (23%) in Poland. The Polish Constitutional Tribunal thereby has asked this case to be interpreted by the European Court of Justice. France and Luxembourg has already implemented lower taxes on ebooks, but in March EU claimed that… Continue reading