Latest News: Time to become productive, New report about children’s media habits

eLearningworld News from Denmark The report ”Young Children (0-8) and Digital Technology” from Aalborg University in Denmark shows that children in the age of 5-6 are using digital technologies as a natural integrated part of the ordinary day. However, internet is seen as too abstract, which makes the children focus on playing games and watch film and TV at known locations. Malene Chalotte Larsen, one of the researchers behind the report concludes: The children’s use… Continue reading

Latest News: Research shows how Games can work for childen’s development

eLearningworld News from Denmark A research study from Denmark shows that when children from four to six years old was asked if they preferred to play games on an iPad or play with other children, two of three would choose to play with the iPad. However, Klaus Thestrup, reseacher at the Centre for Educational Development and Digital Media at Aarhus University says that this result does necessarily not need to be a bad thing. Digital… Continue reading