Latest News: Hague District Court verdict – Google has to expose eBook-pirates

eLearningworld News from the Netherlands Google has to expose people, including IP-address, home address, names, emails and bank account that are selling pirated ebooks in the Google Play store. This is the verdict of Hague District Court after the Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN filed a case against Google. Initially BREIN asked Google to remove pirated e-books, which the search-giant complied to, but they refused to expose the pirates, because of privacy concerns. But now the… Continue reading

Latest News: The Law is catching up on eBook-pirates

eLearningworld News from UK British publishers won a victory against eBook-pirates in court when the first ever blocking order of pirate-ebook-sites was ruled. The High Court in London’s ruling implicate that ISPs have ten days to block the investigated seven pirate-sites that is hosted in Russia and US. The UK Publishers Association comment as follows: ”These sites, all based overseas, have been infringing copyright on a massive scale. Investigations undertaken by The PA found that over… Continue reading