Latest News: Online Learning Revolution and impact on a 172-year-old Educational Company

eLearningworld News from the World The impact of online learning during especially the past decade is ground-breaking. What started as a vision of improved distribution of education, today includes engagement boosters like gamification, borderless learning in a MOOC, micro-courses adapted to your personal schedule, big data analytics to improve the learning experience, AR, VR and much, much more. In this spirit Sage Publishing is now launching The SAGE Encyclopedia of Online Education that addresses an… Continue reading

Latest News: Publisher supporting Syrian childrens’ school education

eLearningworld News from the World The Syrian conflict has been ongoing for four years, which have put almost three million Syrian children out of school. This should be seen in the light of that only 2% of the humanitarian aid to Syria is directed on education. The global educational publisher Pearson is now trying to find solutions beyond philanthropy to solve this deficit. They will spend £1 million to help Syrian children with their education… Continue reading