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AI tutoring on online courses at a business school

AI tutoring on online courses at a business school

Florida International University will provide AI-powered tutoring and assessments for FIU College of Business students. The online courses will use Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant that engages students in a natural language conversation. Its focus is directed on providing instant personalized feedback and assessments. It can also automatically grade short essays written by students. This includes evaluating vital skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. David-John Palmer, professor of information systems management, comments in the following way.… Continue reading

Latest News: LifeLong Learning – Investing time and effort in a new career after 50

Latest News: British Library and Nottingham University creates MOOC

eLearningworld News from Korea Have you passed 50 years of age? Then it is time to prepare for after the work force! In Seoul, Korea, LifeLong Learning Centers attract an increasing amount of students. In many cases people that is close to retirement-age, but instead of feeding doves, looking for a new carreer.  A survey from the year of 2014 targeting people 50+ by the Seoul Metropolitan Government shows that 2688 of 4101 responded that… Continue reading

Latest News: Chamber of Commerce starts offer eLearning courses

Latest News: Edtech Startups Competing in “Shark Tank”-like Competition

eLearningworld News from Greece Athens Chamber of Commerce (EBEA) is launching distance courses online as part of business-support services to members and their employees. In this initial stage two courses will be offered: First Aid with purpose to give the course participants knowledge and skills to provide medical care to victims of accidents at workplaces and in society. The second course is deliver understanding of the basic principles of fire safety and evacuation of workplaces,… Continue reading

Latest News: Online course on how schools can work against net-bullying

Computer in education: A critical review Part 2

eLearningworld News from Sweden The NGO, BRIS (Children’s Rights in Society), and Gothia Fortbildning is launching an online course on how to prevent and handle net-bullying. The course consists of approximately two hours of videos with experts and case studies as well as download-material for self-studies and material for discussions. The focus is directed on the following areas: 1. to discover bullying on the web 2. what is the school’s responsibility 3. preventive work 4. what… Continue reading