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Learning Design for kids and future skills

LEARNING DESIGN IN PRACTICE FOR EVERYBODY  > PART5 > NEW SECTION August 28 2018 future skills Skills development and learning design adapted for the digital society is to a large extent different from the 20th Century classroom and textbooks environment. Two reports from OECD and Nielsen Norman Group forms in this spirit solid stepping stones for the learning designer of the 21st Century. In the OECD report “The future of education and skills Education 2030 –… Continue reading

Latest News: OECD EduTrend Report 2016: New set of skills required for future labour market

eLearningworld News from OECD The project leader of “The Trends Shaping Education”-report from OECD, Tracy Burns, says the following about which skills that is necessary on todays and the future labour market in an interview with Huffington Post: “These include 21st century skills such as global languages, advanced digital skills, and social and emotional intelligence.” Further the report examines major trends that could affect the future of education and sets the background on upcoming challenges… Continue reading

Latest News: 20% adults lack ICT skills, this group is 20% more likely to be unemployed

eLearningworld News from the World The OECD report ‘Adults, Computers and Problem Solving – What’s the Problem? on digital skills of adults that was presented June 23, 2015 reveals the importance of computer skills in modern work life. It also finds a direct correlation between peoples reading skills and ICT skills, meaning that the better people can read, the better their result on ICT-skills-test. The report shows that even adults with the lowest level of… Continue reading

Latest News: Biggest school ranking ever published

eLearningworld News from the World The school ranking analysis is based on test scores in maths and science for 15 years old pupils. The aim with the report is that it supposes to give a much wider global map of education standards than the OECD’s Pisa tests. Since Pisa focus on more affluent industrialised countries. The general result of the analysis is that Singapore is no1 in school education globally and Finland is no1 in… Continue reading

Latest News: OECD on Swedish school – Teacher’s conditions and training must improve

eLearningworld News from Sweden No other country that participating in the PISA Assessment has had a steeper fall of results from the year of 2000 until now. The report from OECD on how to improve school performance in Sweden that was released today is with this background one important part of turning the trend. The report proposes improvement of learning environments, dramatic improvement of teacher’s working conditions including salary, as well as a massive improvement… Continue reading