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Museum offers school’s in poorer suburbs education in coding

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eLearningworld News The Museum of Technology in Stockholm now launching the MakerTour for Coding in School. During three years the museum will offer Middle Schools in poorer parts of Stockholm free teacher training, workshops in school and at the museum, as well as holiday activities with coding courses for the pupils is included in the programme. The focus is to improve the digital competence both for teachers and pupils in playful way in order to… Continue reading

Latest News: MegaMind – A new hands-on science centre to boost pupil’s inspiration

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eLearningworld News from Sweden National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm has invested approx €8 million in the new science centre MegaMind that opens September 6. The purpose is to help school’s increase their pupils’ interest in Science, Technology and Mathematics. This by offering a hands-on science centre to stimulate curiosity and innovative thinking with all senses. The pupils will get pedagogical assignments to carry through in MegaMind’s 43 installations, and in addition to… Continue reading

3D Digitalisation for Museum and Learning Environments

3D Digitalisation for Museum and Learning Environments

eLearningworld News from Sweden The market for 3D-digitalisation-services is growing fast. In this field the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT is running several successful research projects. One has been directed on developing the technology of the virtual autopsy table for healthcare and medical education, that is a international success-story, into new fields. After successful research and development it is now possible to visualise everything that has been 3D-scanned e.g. museum items. And the new services are… Continue reading