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Latest News: Pupils create their dream-school in Minecraft

Latest News: Stockholm support training of digital skills to teacher-students

eLearningworld News from Sweden Minecraft school competition was initiated by the municipality of Borlänge in co-operation with the Future Museum. The task was to inspire pupils to create their vision of their future school. The computer game Minecraft was used as the platform for the competition and the result was evaluated by a jury of school staff and the chairman of the Department of Education at the municipality. The result will be the pupils’ voice… Continue reading

Latest News: Family and Social Policy Ministry investigating Minecraft

Latest News: One Laptop per Pupil

eLearningworld News from Turkey The Turkish Family and Social Policy Ministry is now analysing the violence in the game-platform Minecraft. Minecraft allows the players to build, explore and progress to new levels in the game. The platform is also a growing ground for education and learning since the very essence of the game comes from what the player create. After complaints the Ministry is investigating the violence and if it triggers the users to become… Continue reading