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The Publishing Industry after Industrial Publishing

Latest News: British Library and Nottingham University creates MOOC

Digitalization is transforming the book publishing industry. The days are gone when the author had to rely on that a publishing house would accept his or her work. Since the walls to the book market were too high to be entered in any other way. The publisher took care of editing, copyediting, cover design, formatting, proofreading, print book design, audiobook narration and production, marketing and advertising. Today, a myriad of start-up book-publishing-services are growing on… Continue reading

Latest News: New Gartner-report forecast €60.6 billion edtech-market in 2015

Latest News: Stockholm support training of digital skills to teacher-students

eLearningworld News from the World The spending on edtech from the education sector globally is estimated to grow 2.3 percent to reach €60.6 billion during 2015. The forecast in the Gartner Report includes all forms of formal school-education from primary schools to higher education. Gartner has identified the following top five strategic technologies: 1. adaptive learning 2. adaptive e-books 3. CRM 4. big data 5. sourcing strategies Source: Gartner Continue reading