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Latest News: Good results in using eBooks to improve reading skills in Ghana

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eLearningworld News from Ghana Worldreader Ghana, an American non-profit organisation, acknowledges that the reading skills and reading habits are continually improving when pupils get access to eBooks. The project includes pupils in totally 52 schools and two public libraries in Ghana that are using Kindle devices with the Worldreader Mobile-app or eReader. The collection of books includes textbooks, storybooks and reference materials etc. The basic mission of Worldreader is to start a reading revolution in… Continue reading

Latest News: UNESCO educate 100 teachers in mobile learning to empower women and girls

Latest News: Government improves integration with learning portal for refugee children

eLearningworld News from Nigeria The general goal is to empower women and girls in literacy where the first step is to educate 100 teachers to use mobile learning. The project is run by UNESCO in co-operation with Nigerian authorities and the media company NAN. The eLearning lessons focus on Basic Science and Technology, Mathematics and English targeting both non-formal education and students from formal education. The UNESCO Project Coordinator, Hajiya Safiya Mohammed says: “The project… Continue reading

Latest News: New research finds which country that is the most literate in the world

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eLearningworld News from the World Central Connecticut State University in New Britain has conducted research on the literacy in 200 countries. However, the method of the research is differing from e.g. the Pisa study, since it instead of measuring reading skills focus on “literate behaviour characteristics”. This means everything from numbers of libraries and newspapers to years of schooling and computer availability in the countries. Top of the chart of the most literate nations in… Continue reading

Latest News: Today is the International Literacy Day!

Latest News: Today is the International Literacy Day!

eLearningworld News from UNESCO Literacy is a fundamental human right and today September 8 the International Literacy Day is celebrated all over the world. In Paris at the UNESCO Headquarters an event to celebrate the Literacy Day is taking place that includes an award ceremony and meetings to form a basis for the organisations actions within the field the coming years. There is still a lot left to be done in total around 120 million… Continue reading