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Interactive Storytelling for Everybody

The world, according to the management guru Peter Drucker, consists of two kinds of people: Readers and Listeners. With these words, he is referring to how we learn and process information. In this spirit, different people prefer different environments when they learn or perform other engaging tasks. Some prefer a printed book or an audiobook, others a digital makerspace or a real lab to actually create in a learning by doing approach, or a game… Continue reading

Latest News: Retweeting can cause “cognitive overload”, according to new research

eLearningworld News from US and China Research from Cornell University and Beijing University finds retweeting and in other ways sharing information can create a “cognitive overload”. This reaction can interfere with learning and remember what you have just seen. But the analysis of the results goes further by concluding that the overload can decrease performance in the real world. Qi Wang, professor of human development in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University conducted… Continue reading

Latest News: New research finds which country that is the most literate in the world

eLearningworld News from the World Central Connecticut State University in New Britain has conducted research on the literacy in 200 countries. However, the method of the research is differing from e.g. the Pisa study, since it instead of measuring reading skills focus on “literate behaviour characteristics”. This means everything from numbers of libraries and newspapers to years of schooling and computer availability in the countries. Top of the chart of the most literate nations in… Continue reading

Latest News: Using Oculus Rift in Education – A New World will Open Up

eLearningworld News from Czech Republic Mendel Grammar School in the Czech Republic connected an Oculus Rift to seven of its computers the outcome now almost two years later is the World of Comenius. This is an interactive hands on form of learning where the student can touch, transform and become a part of the virtual reality that Oculus Rift displays. Anatomy is one field where this technology works well, but it gives an extraordinary amount… Continue reading

Latest News: Best seat to Google’s Global Conference Education on Air

eLearningworld News from the World Google’s global online conference about education took place May 8-9 with focus how to use the search engine giant’s tools for education to reach educational goals. The conference was completely web-based with the introduction: “You have the best seat in the house (your own!) to learn with other educators.” According to Wired approx. 43 000 participated in the conference and you can watch all the videos are now available at… Continue reading

Latest News: What do you get if you add Gamification to Brain Research?

eLearningworld News from US The answer according to Sebastian Seung at EyeWire, Seung Labs, is an engaging learning game to learn about the research of neuroscience. 160 000 users from 145 different countries are already playing the EyeWire-game. It is structured as a 3D-puzzle. Regular competitions are held and a weekly “happy hour” on Fridays. During challenges, players compete for bonuses, profile icons, unique chat colors and even neuron naming rights. EyeWire’s founder, Sebastian Seung said… Continue reading

Ideas about the future of learning

”In 20 years, we’re going to see an impact equal to the printing press. This time we’ll see a global, diverse, educated workforce deliver on dependable innovation, shared vision, and collaborative creativity.” Randy Hinrich, former Research Manager at Microsoft The prerequisites to that this will become a reality are to deliver knowledge at the right time, at the right place, with the right method, with the right equipment, to the right person. Flexibility and individualisation… Continue reading