Foreign Language skills improves by Listening to Vocabulary in Sleep, study shows

eLearningworld News A research project from Oxford University by Thomas Schreiner and Björn Rasch has put the hypothesis that listening to a foreign language during sleep can help improve vocabulary. Since sleep has a beneficial role in memory consolidation. To investigate the hypothesis in practice totally 68 healthy humans were involved whereof 32 female that was divided into four different groups. Everybody had German mother tongue and without any Dutch language skills where the vocabulary… Continue reading

Best way for children to develop language skills, new research from MIT

eLearningworld News Dialogue is the most important method to develop children’s language skills MIT cognitive scientists have found in a new research project. Rachel Romeo, the lead author of the paper of the research published in the online edition of Psychological Science, concludes: “The important thing is not just to talk to your child, but to talk with your child. It’s not just about dumping language into your child’s brain, but to actually carry on… Continue reading

Introducing European Education in Secondary Schools

eLearningworld News European integration is about to speed up again, in this spirit education should follow in its tracks, which the Luxembourgish Minister of Education, Claude Meisch has acknowledged. On 8 December 2017 he presented a new public European education offer in three Luxembourgish secondary schools where the foundation is language education. The International School in Differdange and Esch-sur-Alzette has been running such education since September 2016 and with the new three schools European education… Continue reading

Latest News: Lifelong Learning – New research shows the impact of learning a new language

eLearningworld News from Scotland Research from the University of Edinburgh carried out with students of all ages shows that learning a new language not only develop a new vital skill, it also improves a person’s attention. Already, within a week of study improvements starts to appear and with regular practice the progress will continue. The study includes 33 students aged 18 to 78 students that was taking part in a one-week Scottish Gaelic course and… Continue reading

Latest News: France taking the lead in school development: Language- and Digital Power

eLearningworld News from France France is now implementing its grand digitalisation plan for school. This plan is based on the lessons learned from the large-scale experiments during recent years. The French government will invest 1 billion euros over the next 3 years for digital education development with focus on teacher training, equipment, resources and innovation. Last week the Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, also presented a strategy with focus on the importance of modern language… Continue reading

Latest News: Education 2032: Next step to translate visions into a concrete updated curriculum

eLearningworld News from the Netherlands January 23, 2016 the Dutch Government presented the outcome of the first step of the ambitious project Education 2032 where the visions were outlined.  State Secretary of Education Sander Dekker stating that, “the further elaboration of the ideas will rely on the enthusiasm, commitment and expertise of teachers and schools”. For this purpose Education Platform 2032 was launched almost a year ago in the government inclusive approach to the transformation.… Continue reading

Latest News: Building an English Village in Japan for language practice

eLearningworld News from Japan Best way to learn a language is to interact in an environment that is as authentic as possible. The first choice would be to learn the language in a country where the language is the mother tongue. If this is not possible why not bring such environment to your hometown? In Tokyo an English village will be built in this spirit for English language studies and practice. The home of the… Continue reading

Latest News: Education for integration from Day One for Refugees

eLearningworld News from Finland The teacher-union OAJ in Finland proposes that refugees should start to receive education from they arrive in order to speed up integration in the society. This will also shorten the way to the labour market. The focus of the education is to learn about the Finnish society and learn the new language. The charirman of OAJ Olli Luukkainen says the following: “This will succeed by letting educational institutions organise the integration-education.… Continue reading

Latest News: Introduction to Dutch – 3000 completed the course

eLearningworld News from the Netherlands We wrote about the Introduction to Dutch online-course from Groningen University almost two month ago and now it is (almost) finished. Totally 33 800 registered and 3000 completed the three week’s course, which is rather normal for a MOOC, and impressive for an introduction to a new language course. The goal with the course was to learn to introduce oneself and get to know other learners, talk about family, friends,… Continue reading