Innovation fund to boost Digitization of Higher Education

eLearningworld News The Irish Minister of Education Richard Bruton and Junior Minister for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor is launching a new Higher Education and Innovation Fund. The project is funded with €5 million that now is available for innovation in higher education, and is a part of the €100 million additional funding that the Irish government boosting research and development within the sector with. Prioritised areas for funding are e.g. support of innovation, transformation… Continue reading

Latest News: Digital strategy in a forerunner school

eLearningworld News from Ireland The Irish Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, TD, recently has announced a €210m investment in digital technology in schools. The funding will be used to implement a digital strategy in schools during the coming five years. This includes dedicated multi-annual funding to schools to invest in technology, integration of digital skills in the curriculum, develop opportunities for students to take an in-depth ICT course at Leaving Cert and embed… Continue reading

Latest News: Teachers must have computer skills stated in planned five-year digital strategy

eLearningworld News from Ireland The Irish Government’s digital strategy for schools for the next five years includes a demand for good digital skills among teachers. From this prerequisite ICT should be integrated in all teacher education. Seán Ó Foghlú, secretary general of the Department of Education and Skills said as a comment to the OECD PISA assessment for digital skills: “There is more to learning obviously than literacy and numeracy.” (quoted in Irish Times). Teacher’s… Continue reading