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The most interesting aspect of e-books

  No, the most interesting aspect of e-books is not that you can walk around with a whole library in your pocket, that some claim is the most exclusive benefit, instead, it is the intuitive experience. The authors of The Horizon Report 2011 Edition write: “The most interesting aspect of electronic books, however, is not the devices they are accessed with; it is not even the texts themselves. What makes electronic books a potentially transformative… Continue reading

Latest News: Google receives two new patents for eBook design

eLearningworld News from US The first patent claimed by Google is a storytelling device where the focus of the patent is directed on “electronic output components, such as light sources, speakers, a video projector, or a display,” packaged as an interactive book. The second includes a media enhanced popup book that is a solution for books in mobile devices where the pages popup in front of the display when pages are turned and at the… Continue reading

Latest News: The dawn of enhanced eBooks

eLearningworld News from the World The seven year downturn of printed books has come to an end according to Nielsen’s TCM. At the same time as the recent boom market for eBooks is now transforming into a mature stage. However, the format of both printed books and ebooks are basically plain text with illustration. Now it is time for the next step. To use the words from Horizon Report 2011: “What make electronic books a… Continue reading

Storyteller to create interaQtive Books

 to create interaQtive Books STORYTELLER On Demand has been launched! Click for more information Storyteller PublishingLab will be launched at the end of 2018! Our customer service will answer all Your questions about the makerspace via chat och mail. Very welcome! Click here to go to the website       Please, subscribe to our free newsletter Storyteller Latest News Here you will find news of modern learning, literature and an interactive competition with great rewards in every edition.… Continue reading