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Latest News: Competition on innovative practical use of Digital Media in School

Latest News: EdTech Accelerator offers Funding and Expertise

eLearningworld News from Germany Twelve schools are winners of the competition “Learning with digital media” that was organised by the Ministry of Education in Schleswig-Holstein. The price was totally €200 000 to share among the winners that now also are termed model schools. Totally 111 schools on all levels participated in the competition.  “It has been shown that we have many schools where the practical use of digital media in the classroom is very active,”… Continue reading

Latest News: Intel launches EdTech Business Accelerator

Latest News: Interactive Learning to fight bullying in the workplace

eLearningworld News from USA Intel offers promising edtech startup’s mentorship, funding and insights for growth in the Silicon Valley. Companies that are selected for the Intel Education Accelerator program will receive customized guidance and up to $100,000 from Intel Capital. In the first step successful applicants will receive $50,000 up front for up to six percent in common stock, and an additional $50,000 in a convertible note at the end of the program. The startups… Continue reading

Latest News: VIP + helps research results on faster path to application

Latest News: Edtech Startups Competing in “Shark Tank”-like Competition

eLearningworld News from Germany The new high-tech strategy of the German Federal Government is not only focusing technical, but also on social innovation. VIP+ (“Validation of technological and social innovation potential of scientific research”) that is being launched today is the funding programme that takes up this broad concept of innovation. Scientists from natural sciences, life sciences and engineering as well as from the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies or interdisciplinary projects can evolve… Continue reading

Latest News: Edtech Partnership between US and Europe

Latest News: Edtech Partnership between US and Europe

eLearningworld News from the World Two leading education technology conference platforms from both sides of the Atlantic sea extend its partnership in order to promote innovation and investment in the edtech sector. EdTech Europe and US-based SXSWedu Conference & Festival have agreed to collaborate on two European All Stars events featuring leading European startups and corporate executives as part of the March conference programme in Texas. The two European All Stars sessions powered by EdTech… Continue reading