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Government taking the lead in improving ICT-competence

eLearningworld News The Norwegian government increases its effort to improve the ICT-competence level by investing in courses of ICT-security and ICT in general. 500 new students will be able to enter the courses during the next year, which is added to the 750 students that started their ICT-studies during 2017 as the first phase of the project. In total, when the goals of the project is reached, 5000 students will be studying ICT. 50 new… Continue reading

Signs of the time: On what Millennials think of 5G and transformation of education

Millennials, the generation born between the 1980s to the beginning of the 21th Century, are more demanding than other generations when it comes to mobile- and internet technology, this year’s Ericsson Mobility Report shows. As this generation not know a world without ICT they are now taking the lead towards a 5G-future, both when it comes to digital networks and services. Since the key findings in the report is that millennials is leading a clear… Continue reading

Future ICT Challenges at CERN – the birthplace of the Web

eLearningworld News 26 years ago, August 1991, the world wide web was first published to the general public on the internet, as the result of a research project at the European Science Institute, CERN. Never a launch have been that successful, during the first 1000 days 100 000 users produced 450 000 websites with totally 150 million web pages that was visited by 30 million people around the world. This invention also is one of… Continue reading

Visiting ICT Spring Europe 2017 in Luxembourg

eLearningworld News This week (9-10 May) Global Tech Conference, ICT Spring, is opening its doors in Luxembourg to more than 5000 visitors. During two days the latest tech trends and innovations will be explored by more than 100 speakers and through networking opportunities. The founder of eLearningworld Europe AB, LarsGoran Bostrom,  will be visiting the conference during the two days and looking forward to an interesting and inspiring event. Read more about ICT Spring here Continue reading

Latest News: ICT labour market in reconstruction as the development speeds up

eLearningworld News from Finland The government of Finland is funding ten universities with totally €1,35 million for courses to retrain people that lost their jobs or risk loosing their jobs in the ICT-sector. The flexible approach of the funding is for courses that support professionals to redirect their competence, productification of competence, international market skills and entrepreneurship for new businesses. The specific fields that are targeted are for example Game Developer, Pedagogical Teacher studies for… Continue reading

40 years after the Soweto student uprising – ICT builds educational growth

eLearningworld Weekly Review Yesterday, forty years have past since the Soweto student uprising started. High school students protested against racism and other injustices in school and the change of language in education to Afrikaans, in Bishop Desmond Tutu’s words: “the language of the oppressor”. The 20 000 protesters was met by extreme police brutality from the apartheid regime where the official number of students that was killed is 176, but other estimations says that real… Continue reading

Ericsson introduces a global ecosystem for content distribution

The ICT network provider Ericsson is establishing a global market for content distribution in partnership with service providers like Hutchison, Vodafone, Telstra and AIS. It is a unified global delivery network to transform content distribution that initially is supported by Brightcove, DailyMotion, EchoStar, Deluxe, LeTV and QuickPlay. Content providers are equipped to optimize services and scale the delivery of high-quality content and advanced services including 4K, Ultra High Definition, gaming and virtual reality. In this… Continue reading

Latest News: Government launches Makerspaces for Education

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg November 20 the Luxembourg Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, launched the first six educational makerspaces. The focus is to offer interested young people spaces to use their creativity and experimentation for their own digital projects. These makerspaces are the first pillar of BEE CREATIVE program that aims to bring children and young people to use ICT to create, learn, discover and implement projects. In other words develop their… Continue reading

Latest News: Africa closing in with Edtech

eLearningworld News from Africa Only 4% of the households in Africa have internet access. However, more than 50% of the population owns cell phones. The educational development is literally in the hands of the people, which will boost the positive economical development that is taking place in many corners of the African continent. Distance learning with eLearning applications will to large extent form the future workforce. And this environment of good future prospects is already… Continue reading

Latest News: Curriculum too focused on textbook on behalf of edtech-usage

eLearningworld News from India A nationwide survey from Central Square Foundation in India with 1110 teachers shows that 70% of the respondents are using edtech in class. Mostly edtech is used to show videos or practice skills. 75% of the teachers claimed that poor adaption of curriculum to edtech-resources was one significant obstacle to why they did not use edtech more. Since the curriculum still is too focused on the time-consuming task of completing textbooks.… Continue reading