Latest News: IBM’s Watson in training to fight cybercrimes

eLearningworld News from US In collaboration with eight leading universities IBM is launching a new project to train Watson in the field of cyber-security. IBM’s world-renowned X-Force research library will be a central part of the materials to train Watson. This body of knowledge includes 20 years of security research, details on 8 million spam and phishing attacks and over 100,000 documented vulnerabilities. IBM explains the pioneering status of the project in the following way:… Continue reading

Latest News: IBM teams educate new generation of big data innovators

eLearningworld News from the World The explosion of data and the cloud has fuelled the need for employees with specialized talent. IBM is one of the main engines in this big data and cloud development. Through Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) the company now is working with more than 300 colleges and universities around the world to educate new generations of professionals within the field. “Linux and other open innovation platforms have become a primary… Continue reading

Methods to evaluate education Part 1

The Kirkpatrick model and Learning Effectiveness Measurement (LEM) are two of the most well-established methods to evaluate results of educational investments. The methods has both strengths and weaknesses, however in this article’s second part I will describe third relatively new method, STUDENT (Enterprise Learning Evaluation of Value), that to a large extent solve the deficits that Kirkpatrick and LEM have. Kirkpatrick model Kirkpatrick model contains four levels of evaluation, namely Reaction, Learning, Application and Outcome.… Continue reading