Transformation of Recruitment in a Digitized Age

Transformation of Recruitment in a Digitized Age The job market is changing rapidly. But too many politicians still are promoting and sometimes make decisions on subsidies to professions from the 20th Century that is about to disappear. At the same time as they defend labour-market regulations that today only is holding people back. In a Harvard Business Review report the president of Northeastern University, Joseph E. Aoun, outlines a new labour market that is growing… Continue reading

Gamification and learning: Talent Management Part 3

“Every single social and global issue of our day is a business opportunity in disguise.” Peter Drucker writes. To find these opportunities is crucial for the development of businesses and requires business intelligence, knowledge creation, operational excellence and talent management. However, the organisation’s quest for excellence concerns not only new opportunities but all parts of the business, which results basically rely on its employees and their talent. Thereby, the training of talent is essential for… Continue reading

Lifelong Learning is Real Time and Continual, Human Capital trends

eLearningworld News Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trend Report concludes about the labour market of the digital age: “The concept of career is being shaken to its core.” At the same time as people that today is entering the labour market can look forward to 60 years of working life, this also requires continual updates and upgrades of knowledge and skills. In this digital age, L&D (learning and development) is an inevitable part to accomplish R&D… Continue reading

Latest News: Using the power of marketing to improve HR-practice

The author and marketing consultant Mark W. Schaefer identifies in Harvard Business Review seven marketing practices that HR can benefit from. Basically, successful marketing of products and services are the most important key for a company’s health and development, which would make the use of marketing practices in HR inevitable. Schaefer’s first advice for HR units is to compete for talent like businesses get customers, another advice is to become more human/personal in the approach with… Continue reading

Latest News: Gamification to adapt Recruitment to 21th Century’s requirements

eLearningworld News from UK In case educational background and work-experience are the only criteria in the recruitment-process, many requirements of today’s and the future market is being neglected, which basically comes out the need of diversity in the workforce but also to find the right talent to a particular position. These deficits can to a large extent be over-bridged by gamification mechanics in the form of psychometric games software for recruitment. This is basically an artificial… Continue reading

Latest News: Motivation in a Workplace according to Neuroscience

eLearningworld News from USA A highly motivated workforce is the key to become more profiatble, gain higher levels of customer satisfaction and makes employees not want to leave.  Research shows that extrinsic rewards like money and gifts can not explain human motivation, instead the scientific focus is directed on intrinsic rewards. The white paper “Motivation on the Brain – Applying the Neuroscience of Motivation in the Workplace” from UNC deliver new understandings about this subject… Continue reading

The Century of the Brain and Computing Part 10: Competence

The digital revolution gives fuel to the creative revolution. This creates the foundation for the shift of paradigm, where it is not any longer the best adapted that will reach the longest but most creative. In this spirit a career that runs up a shaky career-ladder is not applicable but a career goes forward as a result of choices. Such a society demands new ingredients for learning when it comes to school-education and further to… Continue reading