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Latest News: Kids in Finland want a robot to help them with their homework

Latest News: Digital Learning produces significant improvement of result, new research shows

eLearningworld News from Finland From this term, coding is a part of the general curriculum in Finnish schools. Besides improving problem-solving skills and logic thinking, this is giving the pupils new ideas of how to use technology to improve learning. The Finnish TV-station YLE is reporting from Pargas that the pupils had loads of workable ideas to ideas that still (later on?) is science fiction. However, robots that helping with homework sounds like a good… Continue reading

Latest News: AI teacher for homework is being launched

Latest News: AI teacher for homework is being launched

eLearningworld News from Sweden The Swedish startup company eEducation Albert is now launching an artificial intelligence application with focus on helping pupils with their homework in math during the last years of primary school. The startup-company intend to expand to other education-levels as well as the international market during the coming years. At the moment AI Albert is filled all available answers to questions to make good work with the pupils and the next week… Continue reading