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Latest News: Google Campus for StartUps opens in Warsaw

Latest News: Roadmap for Research to boost “Made in Germany”

eLearningworld News from Poland The Warsaw Google Campus is a support center for start-ups and inventors that require advanced technologies to develop their business and also gives opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. The Minister of Science, Peter Dardziński that just has been appointed to focus on innovation and the co-operation between science and business, stressed the importance of creating innovation ecosystems. He also assured that the Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be… Continue reading

Latest News: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence: Machine Teaches itself

Latest News: Improves handwriting and writing skills by teaching robots

eLearningworld News from US It almost 20 years ago IBM:s Deep Blue super-computer beat the reign world chess champion Gary Kasparov the first time. Deep Blue’s basic method to play the game was to evaluate every possible move, which would mean 200 million per second in DP:s case. While humans that plays at the same level, which is unable to do this, use a probability method that carry down the game to a few possible… Continue reading