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Latest News: Top Education Nation to export Vocational Training degrees

eLearningworld News from Finland The quality of Finland’s educational system is admired all over the world. Now the Finnish Government is preparing a new law that makes it possible to export vocational training services including degrees. The focus is to export the flexible independent graduation method where students can graduate from the basis of their former work experience. However, most students participate in preparation courses before the final examination. The concept includes both basic- and… Continue reading

Latest News: How to improve efficiency of Digital Learning at the Workplace

eLearningworld News from UK Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) report “Learning to lead: the digital potential” shows that 97% of managers spending at least one day a year on digital learning and on average they are spending eight days per year. However, the report gives interesting insights of barriers to digital learning that still remains high. In summary these barriers is social, qualitative, low support from the company and not taking advantage of the specific benefits of… Continue reading

40 years after the Soweto student uprising – ICT builds educational growth

eLearningworld Weekly Review Yesterday, forty years have past since the Soweto student uprising started. High school students protested against racism and other injustices in school and the change of language in education to Afrikaans, in Bishop Desmond Tutu’s words: “the language of the oppressor”. The 20 000 protesters was met by extreme police brutality from the apartheid regime where the official number of students that was killed is 176, but other estimations says that real… Continue reading

Latest News: Growth hacking – Using neuroscience to create ads that sell

eLearningworld News from US The media company CBS in collaboration with Nielsen has developed a new method based on neuroscience to measure performance of commercials. When adding all the neuroscience results together researchers could explain 77% of an ad’s strength. 60 video ads for the consumer-market were evaluated for the first study. “We believe this is the holy grail for marketers: confidence in knowing creative’s potential impact on the bottom line, before it ever enters… Continue reading

Latest News: Adapting teacher training to take the lead in the Digital Age

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government is launching a new curriculum for teacher training where the education to become a teacher in primary school will require a master degree with five years of study from 2017. Two of the areas the new curriculum focuses on are a much stronger direction on science-based knowledge and to be able to use ICT within all subject-fields of teaching. To acquire top digital skills are regarded as a… Continue reading

Latest News: Trending – Design Thinking brings empathy and flexibility to work  

eLearningworld News from US Design finding its way to the core of business organizations as a source of transformation, but the development does not concern aesthetics. Instead, it changes the way people work as response to new market realities and the force of digitization. Jon Kolko, founder and director of Austin Center for Design, explains in Harvard Business Review the progressive outcome of design thinking. Empathy is one of the main driving-forces of design thinking… Continue reading

Latest News: Obstacles for a Learning Organisation

eLearningworld News from US To stay competitive as a business (and as an individual) you have to continually learn. However, an organisation can invest heavily in traditional courses as well as more agile learning, but there is still several obstacles and requirements to be able to receive the accurate return of investment. In an article in Harvard Business Review, Francesca Gino, professor at Harvard Business School, and Bradley Staats, associate professor at the University of… Continue reading

Latest News: eBook Market growing fast in US and China, new research shows

eLearningworld News from the World A new national survey from Chinese Academy of Press and Publication shows that 64 percent of the adults in China read eBooks in 2015, which is an increase by 5.9 percentage points. At the same time 58.4 percent read printed books. This is still an increase with 0.4 percentage points in comparison with the survey on reading habits last year. 45 911 people answered this year’s survey. 87 percent of… Continue reading